About Pat Fleming Mortgages

I started this business with one goal – to help reduce the amount of mortgage-worthy applicants who are getting rejected & thus help you get your mortgage right first time.

I developed a method of doing so, and have trademarked the process “Right First Time”. If you’re looking to get a mortgage – I should be your first port of call.

A little bit of history about me…

I have a Bachelor of Financial Services, hold numerous Investment and Financial Advice Certificates, as well as a Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance, a Certificate in Leadership and Management and am a Qualified Auctioneer.

Having worked in banking for many years I now specialise as an as an Authorised Mortgage Intermediary regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland. Independent advice and access to all the mortgage providers is offered. My real expertise is presenting your case professionally, accurately and in a format Mortgage Underwriters require – my system is trademarked “Right First Time” and is unique to me. I am from Dublin originally but living in Galway, and travel between both locations as required.
One face to face meeting is all that is required, I carry on business online after that.