First Time Buyers

One of the main reasons first-time buyers don’t become mortgage approved is lack of preparation – and that preparation should start a year ahead of looking for a Mortgage.

I’ve created a patented process that will combine all of the required information into a single presentation, calculating all indicators Banks use. Armed with this information – you have the best chance possible of becoming mortgage approved!

So, even if your planned purchase is not immediate, it’s a good idea to meet Pat and explore what needs to be done now, and over the coming months, to ensure you are “mortgage ready” when the time comes. Mortgage Companies can look for up to 12 months historic records to assess repayment capacity, so planning in advance is so important. Pat will give clear advice and set out a plan for you leading to Mortgage Approval.

It is not a case of if I fail, try again…

It’s a little known fact that if you apply for a mortgage, and don’t get approved by one bank, this carries through to your next application – much like a poor credit rating.

Pat will help you avoid that, with his Right First Time process.