Self Employed Getting A Mortgage

It can be more difficult for those who are self-employed to obtain a mortgage. It’s vital that your financial accounts are interpreted correctly – otherwise you won’t be given full credit for your income. ​Taking a drawings or net income figure is not an accurate representation of what your actual net income is. We do this job expertly for business owners & directors, ensuring your true worth is reflected on your mortgage application.

Pats background in banking gives him a unique advantage in helping self-employed applicants. Pat applies mortgage income principles to Financial Accounts extracting the income level considered valid for eligibility, and can give an accurate prediction of mortgage approval prior to submitting an application. This is an important consideration for self-employed, Pat involves the Accountant for clarifications, and makes sure a case stands up before leaving his desk.

It is not a case of if I fail, try again…

It’s a little known fact that if you apply for a mortgage, and don’t get approved by one bank, this carries through to your next application – much like a poor credit rating.

Pat will help you avoid that, with his Right First Time process.