Trading-Up Your Property

Trading up from one property to another can see you fall short of getting the mortgage you need. Savings, track record of existing mortgage & income all need to be compiled together, and presented professionally. This is a complex process & needs to be handled by an expert. My unique process addresses all concerns a Bank might have in holding on to a property, disposing of it or buying a do-upper. My experience makes the difference.

It makes sense to have your mortgage in place before embarking on a sale/purchase/retention/renovation. Only then will you know what your options are. A discussion with Pat will help you make sense of the process, and you can approach any of these actions with confidence. Mortgage Companies too dislike coming in on a project already begun – a partially built home, a too soon closing date to meet etc. Mortgage outline approval should be the first consideration.

It is not a case of if I fail, try again…

It’s a little known fact that if you apply for a mortgage, and don’t get approved by one bank, this carries through to your next application – much like a poor credit rating.

Pat will help you avoid that, with his Right First Time process.